Health Systems

Horizon Infusions partners with hospitals and health systems to serve patients that are not reimbursed for subsequent hospital-based infusions.


Horizon Infusions partners with insurance companies to serve patients is a low-cost, high-quality setting for their infusion needs. We help payers manage their total cost of care, identifying locations where patients are not being served well for their infusion therapies and creating solutions.  

Pharmaceutical Companies

Horizon Infusions partners with pharmaceutical companies to help provide patient access to new treatments coming to market, to help recruit appropriate patients for clinical trials, and to share blinded outcomes data to improve efficacy of treatments. 

Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s)

Horizon Infusions partners with ACO’s and physician groups that are “at risk” for all or some of the total cost of care to provide a high-quality, less expensive option for the infusion needs of their patients.

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