We are committed to providing the safest experience possible for our patients

We hope you are managing well through this difficult COVID-19 period.

Our top priority is the health and safety of our patients and staff. As the coronavirus situation evolves, Horizon Infusions is committed to providing the safest experience possible for our patients.

We are following the latest protocols set forth by the CDC, National Infusion Center

Association (NICA), Accredited Commission for Health Care (ACHC) and local Ohio

State and Federal agencies. Our Medical Director, Dr. Greg Gottschlich has reviewed

these guidelines closely.

Our clinical team works hard to make the entire facility an aseptic environment, free

from disease-causing microorganisms. We are taking serious actions to enhance your


  • We pre-screen all patients for fever, cough and travel history the day prior to appointment.

  • We screen all patients, including for fever, upon arrival.

  • We utilize private rooms and in other cases use our large, main center where we keep all patients at least 6-8 feet apart during their infusions.

  • All clinical staff are wearing masks during infusions; you will be offered one to wear.

  • We clean frequently with EPA approved cleaning agents to disinfect all surfaces: infusion chairs between each patient use, clinical area, bathrooms, reception, door handles, etc.

  • We have all administrative staff working from home to keep the infusion suite more sterile and to decrease the risk of transmission.

  • We follow protocols to keep guests and family members out of the infusion suite (except when necessary and then private rooms are used).

With patient safety as our #1 goal, we believe there’s no safer place for patients who need medical infusion therapy to receive it.

Please contact me if you have any questions during these difficult times. Stay safe!

Jody Huss, ACNP

Clinical Manager

Horizon Infusions


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