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July, 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

New subject line coming... Latest IV and SubQ Medications We have been serving our patients and community for over 17 years and take pride in offering the latest IV medications. We are the first in the Cincinnati area to take care of patients requiring: · Tepezza for Thyroid Eye Disease™ · Krystexxa for Gout ® · Radicava for ALS ® We will be on the forefront of providing newly FDA licensed medications and will continue to serve as a Center of Excellence for these drugs. We offer the newest IV and SQ medications to patients in our new convenient and comfortable facility under medical supervision.

Condition Spotlight: Gout

Don't ignore the signs An estimated 9 million Americans are living with gout, but despite its prevalence, many misconceptions keep people from prioritizing getting the help they need to address this debilitating condition. Why is it important to not ignore signs and symptoms of gout? For starters Gout is a serious form of arthritis and if it becomes out of control it can lead to permanent damage. When the body makes more uric acid than it should, or the kidneys do not remove as much as they should, uric acid builds up and tiny needle-like crystals begin to form. These crystals can accumulate anywhere in the body (called tophi) and cause permanent joint damage. The buildup of uric acid also puts you at risk for having a gout flare — which involves inflammation, redness, swelling, tenderness and intense pain. 

Three Gout Facts Uric acid can build up almost anywhere in the body.  Damage from gout can occur even when the pain is gone.  Gout can become out of control. It is important to keep track of your symptoms especially if you are taking gout medicine.

What's the real story on gout?

Visit, which provides helpful information and stories of people living with the condition, as well as videos from gout specialists sharing some of the latest research, including the importance of recognizing and treating gout. Many of our patients have been prescribed Krytexxa – we have great experience with this medication and can provide to your patients. 

Meet our staff

Ryan Williams Ryan Williams is a Practice Liaison with Horizon Infusions. He was born in Minot, North Dakota, but has lived in Cincinnati all of his life. He has been a nurse for over 10 years, working in many different capacities. Ryan specialized in mental health and worked in disaster relief, where he was deployed to New York and New Jersey during Hurricane Sandy. He has also worked providing care to inmates within correctional facilities in Ohio. Horizon Infusions felt like an excellent match for Ryan as he is not only a healthcare professional but also an infusion patient himself. “I decided to join Horizon Infusions,” Ryan explained, “because I believe independent ambulatory infusion centers like Horizon provide a better patient experience at lower cost. And I know - I’m an infusion patient myself.”  Ryan currently lives in Liberty Township with his wife and three children. Ryan and his family enjoy traveling and going to Disney World.

New center and various features Horizon Infusions’ experienced registered nursing staff provides compassionate and personalized care in a supportive and relaxed atmosphere. Our infusion center offers amenities such as free convenient parking, WiFi access, comfortable seating, warm blankets, snacks and drinks. Day and evening appointments are available for scheduling, Saturday hours available as needed.

Minimize / eliminate your out-of-pocket

Our staff is eager to help your patients eliminate and reduce their out-of-pocket drug infusion costs. We handle pre-authorization work and help enroll patients in co-pay assistance programs. We have various organizations we can tap into to eliminate out of pocket costs and have been very successful with most of our patients.

Now accepting Medicaid and Medicare

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