The 'Twindemic' and Its Risks to Infusion Patients

After a mild flu season in 2020-21, health officials are voicing their concern that the upcoming flu season could be significantly worse. This, combined with Covid-19, could cause a 'Twindemic', and immunosuppressed infusion patients are most at risk.

hospitalized during flu and covid
Immunosuppressed infusion patients have higher hospitalization rates for acute respiratory illnesses.

The immunosuppressed have disproportionately high hospitalization rates for acute respiratory illnesses, shed influenza viruses for longer periods, and frequently need mechanical ventilation. Immunosuppression also increases the risks and severity of primary or reactivation infections.

Immunosuppressed infusion patients should receive their flu vaccine by November 1st to achieve optimal immunogenicity.

Read more from the Advisory Board here on what the experts think.

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