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The entire staff was absolutely wonderful. Theresa at the front desk promptly greeted me and got the paperwork started. Kelsey was so very pleasant and concerned with me. Marcy administered the infusion and gave me a lot of attention. It was a great experience.

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Norma C.

I was hesitant about having my son go to an infusion center vs Children’s Hospital for his infusions but they are wonderful! My son likes it much better at Horizons. Every single nurse is great and they make each infusion a little bit easier on my little guy. They are just wonderful! Thank you all for everything you do!

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Lauren F.

My first visit but well pleased. Nurses are very professional made me feel right at home. Always ready to get you a snack or a drink to just chat. I would recommend 5 stars

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Dwight A.

Having a chronic medical condition is always difficult but they make it easy for me to get my infusions while being able to live my life.

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Stacy M.

I receive excellent care at this facility each and every time. The staff are knowledgeable, professional, and delightful. I feel safe and cared for here.

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Peggy B.

The nursing staff at the infusion center are amazing! They do so much to make you feel comfortable during your time there. All of the nursing staff know you very well, and make sure to treat you as a validated person not just a numbered patient. The professionalism of the staff at the center makes a long day there for me go a little bit faster and more comfortable knowing they have my best interest at heart.

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Wendy H.

I’ve been going here for a few years now and have never had a bad experience! Everyone’s so nice and cheery, and obviously know what they’re doing. After past bad experiences with other places, it’s nice to not have to dread appointments anymore :)

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Kara T.

I was using another infusion center for a few years. I was struggling with them never sending billing information and failing to stay on top of prior authorizations causing me to have to miss my infusion dates. I was referred to Horizon by my doctor and have been very happy with their engagement and ensuring everything is ready. It took them one day to get my prior authorization switched to them. My previous place had 8 days until my 1st infusion this year and failed to just verify the PA causing me to be cancelled. Horizon is more flexible and will find a time good for you. They understand that infusions disrupt life and value your time. They also give me reminder texts for my upcoming appointments. Billing is extremely timely so I know they are paid each time I have another infusion. I am so happy that I switched. I am extremely happy with Horizon.

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Scott H.

Jody (the NP/PA) Terri and Kim are amazing, as are all the nurses and staff. Come for the treatment, stay for the laughs!

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Daniel S.

Everyone I have met at Horizon are very kind and professional and helpful. That makes for a more comfortable time there each month that I have to visit.

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Dianna M.

I found Horizons after terrible experiences at a hospital infusion center. Horizons is great! The staff, from the receptionist to the billing manager are excellent, so helpful and professional, and the new infusion center is amazing. There’s absolutely no change I would make. The experience is easy, efficient, fast, and a million times less expensive than a hospital infusion center. If you receive or are starting to receive infusion therapy this is hands down the best option in the city. You won’t be disappointed!

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Kara P.

The girls here are so sweet and go over and beyond to make you feel at home and comfortable. Due to insurance changes I needed to switch from hospital infusions to Horizon and wish I had done it sooner!

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Dea M.

Been coming here for over three years and always treated great with the professional staff. Always friendly and caring. I'd recommend Horizon Infusions to anyone!

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Janice L.

Nurses are compassionate and caring - Love the new place!

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Jeffrey G.

Awesome staff, nice location, quickly received medications! Would definitely recommend!

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Nay M.

I have been getting infusions since 2002. I started in a small room with one chair. I always received adequate care, but the lack of amenities made getting my IV a chore. This new facility, combined with an exceptionally skilled and caring staff, has made getting my IV a more positive experience. Add in the warm blankets and snacks, and it's almost like a spa. Nobody wants to get an IV to stay healthy, but if that's your journey why not get great medical attention in a spa like atmosphere? :)

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Lisa N.

I love Horizon Infusions! The people are incredibly caring and thorough. I have been getting Xolair & IVIG treatments at Horizon for over a year now. I always feel safe, taken care of, and a part of the community at the infusion center. The new space is beautiful, and has lots of features that put the patient first, just like they do when it comes to medical care. I would definitely recommend them, and prefer the personalized care and new space to a hospital infusion center.

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Sara S.

The staff is always professional and very friendly. The staff is knowledgeable about the medications and disease processes.

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Angel C.

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